The experts at Car Care provide the following tips to help provide you and your family with a lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving.

Are You Ready for a Flat Tire?

If you are prepared for the possibility of a flat tire, a puncture will be a mere inconvenience rather than a source of frustration. Learn more »

Tire Care Cuts Tire Wear

By taking care of the tires on your car, you can improve its fuel economy and lower its maintenance costs. Learn more »

Tire Inflation

Correct inflation pressure is critical for good fuel economy, safety, maximum tire life, and proper vehicle handling performance. Learn more »

Tread Depth

The tread depth of your tires is so important to the overall safety of your vehicle that it is against the law for the tread on your tires to be too worn. Learn more »

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Checking Tire Pressure

How often should you check the tire pressure on your car? If you’re not sure, read on…

Benefits of Professional Installation

Enjoy savings and peace of mind by having your new tires professionally installed by a trained mechanic.

How to Read Tire Information

Learn how to read tire information on the side of your car’s tires.

Differences in Tires

While tires might all look the same, there are important differences in tires.

Wheel Alignment

Discover why poor wheel alignment on your car costs you money.

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