Goodyear G661 HSA Tires

Commercial Truck/Bus. Medium-Duty Truck Radial Steer / All-Position tire for Enhanced Toughness For High-Scrub Applications.


  • Scrub-resistant tread, with a multi-compound construction
  • Four full-sized, super-tensile steel belts
  • Penetration protectors
  • Sidewall protector ribs and a scrub-resistant compound
  • TredLock┬« Technology features interlocking microgrooves
  • 22/32 tread depth


  • Helps extend tread life when used in local applications that require frequent turning, backing and braking
  • Help reinforce the tread for enhanced toughness
  • For enhanced toughness and long casing life
  • Help protect against sidewall abrasions from curbing
  • Help stabilize the tread for long tread life and enhanced toughness


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